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So you've been searching for Xanax online have you? Perhaps you should reconsider your decision, because when you order Xanax online you really have no idea where it's coming from or if you are getting Xanax at all. It is also illegal in most cases to purchase prescription drugs like Xanax online, especially so if it is imported from another country. In most cases the website will tell you that the drug is coming from a pharmacy in Canada when it is coming from somewhere in South America. This is particularly dangerous as safety standards are not nearly as high in South America as they are in the US. Even if it seems like you are getting a great deal, buying Xanax online is rarely a deal of any kind and you are putting your health at risk to save a couple dollars or avoid using a prescription. Xanax itself is not a great drug as it has many side effects, but Xanax online is even worse. You should explore other methods of dealing with anxiety or getting to sleep.

Even though many people find ways to live through it, [kw]sleep deprivation[/kw} is more damaging than you might think. Irritability, drowsiness and slow reflexes and reactions are the most common symptoms that we see, because these symptoms can occur with very small amounts of sleep deprivation. Even such a small amount of sleep deprivation as missing a few hours sleep one night can make driving, operating power tools and machinery as well as general physical activity more dangerous. Sleep deprivation for longer periods of time is even more dangerous; it can lead to hallucinations, heart and blood pressure problems and in some cases actually causes hyperactivity. To go without sleep for more than ten days can even be life threatening. Sleep deprivation causes hormone changes, and sometimes this leads to dramatic weight gain over a short amount of time. I don't have to tell you to avoid sleep deprivation, nearly everyone would do that by themselves if they had a choice. The amount of sleep we get each night is not always within our control. Our surroundings, like noise and temperature, can cause sleep deprivation. Sometimes anxiety can cause sleep deprivation as well, and this generally only makes anxiety worse. If you feel you are suffering from sleep deprivation it is important not just to get help and use a sleep aid for the sake of your health, but possibly the safety of others.

Zolpidem is a more hazardous drug than you may realize, and should never be taken in doses which exceed 10mg per day. Allergic reaction is common to users of Zolpidem, showing itself as rash, hives and sore throat. What's more frightening are reports of hallucinations, memory loss, mood swings, personality changes and general confusion among users of Zolpidem. Generally marketed under the name Ambien, Zolpidem is becoming more and more commonly used in the treatment of insomnia. Though it is quite similar to benzodiazepines like Valium and Xanax it actually does not belong to this family of drugs. Zolpidem can be quite damaging to the liver and kidneys, and is also not recommended for any person with a lung disease. All of this should be discussed with your doctor before taking Zolpidem, but alternatives to Zolpidem for sleep disorders should be considered first.

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