Our unique a new mobile innovative system for production of electricity.This device produces electricity by the force of flowing water which can be considered as a renewable energy. So our invention is one of the best technologies and is the cheapest route method to generate the most needed electricity power generation and is the most useful technology to solve the energy crisis of the years to come.

Our devices can be installed in anywhere on our global. The installation of the mobile device can be done in a few hours, all the components are already connected and the exploitation is immediate.

Our technology in the future is the most economical rather the cheapest route to generate the electricity power production system in which the only initial installation cost-again which is cheaper to the conventional routes will be the only ONE – TIME expenses, with almost – NIL- Maintenance expenditure and with no costs to generate the power i.e. without any solid/gas/liquid or any other sort of fuel and hence no pollution at all, it is a environmental friendly technology.

Our unique device produces energy by the flow and fall of water which can be considered as a renewable resource.

To build a huge hydro power station requires big civil construction of dams and structures, water reservoir which many result in evacuation of people residing in catchments and down steam areas. With our designed unites, there are no such problems, not even smoke, fumes, gases, spoilage of oils. They generate electricity which is more than sufficient for local needs and will be welcomed by all.

For the first time in the world we have developed this unique system for producing electricity with flowing water. From this device the cost of electricity is much cheaper than other power station including Hydro and Fossil Fuels. To install our device the investment is cheaper than the conventional routes and without any maintenance and is pollution free.Day by day the world energy consumption has energy significantly and was satisfied by the use of oil and natural gas along with coal, lignite, nuclear reactor, hard solid waste etc. In recent past wind mills and solar energy were also used for energy.


While using our technology is capable to produce almost inexpensive yet commercially viable scale of electrical power that utilizes the flow of water, under current of water, under stream of canal water, river water, ocean tides- waves as its sole power generation source with proven technology and it has already been investigated and is running with satisfactory results and is now an essential technology for the world.

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Comment by Mahmudul Karim Rubel on October 1, 2009 at 8:26am
Hi from Bangladesh. We are working for the best power plant project to establish in Bangladesh. Interested about your products. It will be enough kind if you let us know more details about it, and guide us become a part of you in Bangladesh.

Best regards,

Mahmudul Karim Rubel
Design Bangladesh

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