We are keen to hear from people interested in :

- Jatropha products ( high yielding seeds for planting, basic seed, Cake, Jatropha Oil)
- Oil expelling
- Local uses of Jatropha products ( e.g pure plant oil, charcoal, biogas, wood for cooking)
- Shipping of Jatropha products to Europe
- Development of the young Jatropha industry in Africa.

We have just over 100 hectares of Jatropha plants, from which we produce our high yielding seeds which we supply to other Jatropha projects (mostly in Africa).

I look to hearing from you of your plans relating to Jatropha or its products.

Regards - Clive Coker

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Comment by Clive Coker on August 3, 2009 at 11:50pm
Hello Remi
Jatropha is poisonous, but it is not a food, so dont eat it. No one eats diesel and expects it not to be poisonous. I would not describe it as very poisonous. It takes a lot more than one seed to cause serious harm, but I do not recommend that anyone try eating any part of the Jatropha plant. The important thing is to tell children not to eat it, and to keep chickens and young livestock away from it.

We started our 100 Hectare ( 240 acres) farm in Ghana about 3 years ago. The cost will depend on how large an area you want to plant. You could start with a lot less, or if you have the funds, a lot more land. If you tell me what area you are thinking of, then I will be able to provide you with an idea of the steps, how much seed you would need, and a rough cost for getting started.

Regards - Clive
Comment by Remi Olumuyiwa on August 3, 2009 at 10:36pm
I am interested in setting up a Jatropha plantation for the purpose of producing biodiesel. I am told the seeds can be very poisonous. What do you think it will cost to start a Jatropha plantation in Africa?



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