GlowMark™ Arrow Tactical Safety Marker System

GlowMark™ is a Visual Tactical Glow in The Dark Safety Marker System that harvests light from daylight or ambient light sources indoors and outdoors; and stores lights energy within our unique crystal technology which is at the core of GlowMark™.

The SGCMKII Glow Compound is the Catalyst and is at the heart of our products. The Markers will then self activate and glow in the dark for many hours at night or in low level light conditions. 

The SGCMIKII Glow Compound uses less embodied energy in its manufacture and production process than other products that use standard photovoltaic cells.

How long will a GlowMark™ Marker glow for?

In practical time lapse testing it has been proven that after only 8 minutes of exposure to an ambient light source, a GlowMark™ marker glowed for more than 48 hours until it required recharging, which is more than enough hours to last throughout the night into the early morning in external  and internal locations. 

Safety Aspects and Benefits

GlowMark™ acts as a visible aid to guide people who are walking on pathways or public populated areas, so when GlowMark™ products are installed they will show clearer visual markings of potential hazards in low level lit areas for people including pedestrians, cyclists and many other users.

Also GlowMark™ markers can be used and installed throughout all buildings and structures that all have corridors, walkways, passages, pathways, stairways, doors and fire exits.

Using this simple but effective methodology it means that GlowMark™ can be fitted as an added visual safety enhancement which is very low cost to purchase and easily to install; and which could well be a potential Life Saver.

When GlowMark™ is installed at as we recommend, at a distance of no more than 5 meters apart for use as a linear visual aid marking the different hazardous areas that are within all public areas outdoors and in buildings and structures.  

Installing GlowMark™ markers will aid people when they are exiting a building in an emergency evacuation by visually guiding them to the fire and emergency exits which can greatly reduce the risk of casualties.

Additionally GlowMark™ markers are visible through smoke and are fire retardant, so when Fire-fighters and first response teams have to enter a burning structure that is filled with smoke and where visibility is very limited they will be able to clearly see where they are going. Fire-fighters also use the methodology of colour coding for visual safety tagging identifying hazardous areas which is why GlowMark™ has been designed using the 5 colour options available with the base rims. (There is also an enhanced base rim which has 3M diamond grade reflective tape applied to the edges of the base rims for additional visual safety because it reflects light back from a flashlight, bicycle or vehicle light at night like a Cat´s eye). GlowMark™ has also been designed to conform to EU Health and Safety Regulations and compliances. 

GlowMark™ Provides energy saving cost reductions while offsetting carbon emission levels

The GlowMark ™ Tactical Safety Marker System is not dependant on electricity and is therefore much lower cost to purchase and has no running costs like those with LED lighting systems and solar systems which also suffer from component failures, with more down time requiring more labour and replacement costs. GlowMark™ requires no maintenance and uses no batteries or solar cells that are harmful to the environment; and is guaranteed to glow for 5 yrs with a UK manufacturers guarantee, but in working practice it will probably exceed 10 yrs or more.

As you can now see the GlowMark™ Glow in The Dark, Visual, Tactical Safety Marker System is designed to be installed in large quantities within all cities, towns and rural areas.

GlowMark™ products will also greatly reduce the amount of costly street lighting and other methods of higher cost lighting systems that are currently being used.

Electrical costs are continuing to rise with inflation and many governments and councils are now turning off street lighting in an effort to save energy, money and overall costs that they are being exorbitantly hammered for on annual budgets. 


Using GlowMark™ will be enabling us all to create better energy and cost saving sustainability while reducing harmful CO2 emissions that are causing Global warming.

Now we can all help to remove our carbon footprint, providing for a better future for our generations to come.

We believe that simply by using a GlowMark™ marker, it is definitely a step in the right direction for everyone.

View our latest reports on The News and About GlowMark™ tabs of the official webpage; and use the other tabs to navigate so you can read about additional uses applications and testing reports of our unique and innovative products. “Changing the world one light at a time” 





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