How GlowMark™ products create massive energy cost savings and reduce carbon emissions providing a staggering ROI, (Return on investment)

How GlowMark™ products create massive energy cost savings and reduce carbon emissions providing a staggering ROI, (Return on investment)

Many so called low energy or money saving conventional lighting and solar powered lighting products contain very harmful and dangerous toxic chemicals which are costing governments millions every year in their disposal costs once these products no longer work; and which are often being deposited in land-fill waste dumping sites and which are also taking up more space on the planet, often emitting invisible gases which cannot be seen or detected by humans.

Consider how many times a year you need to change or replace a light bulb, LED, battery or solar unit because many of these products often suffer from component failures.

When you purchase install and use GlowMark™ products none of the above problems apply, we know through rigorous research that there is no light bulb, LED or so called energy saving lights which will last or work for more than 5 years with no component failure of maintenance required; and none of which come with a 5 years manufacturers guarantee! GlowMark™ however does!

How GlowMark™ products provide the end user with enormously measurable cost savings

Typical LED & Solar lighting units can range in average price from between £20-£650 GBP per unit, plus installation, running costs, maintenance and component failures.

The GlowMark™ Arrow with Standard Base Rim retails for £5.62 RRP per unit with no/minimal installation costs and no running or maintenance costs; and the GlowMark™ Arrow 3m Reflective Base Rim Model retails for £6.87 RRP per unit (for Road use we recommend use of the 3M Reflective Model Base Rim).

A Typical installation comparison GlowMark™ Verses LED Lighting

Therefore to light a pathway 10m long with LED lighting would cost anything upwards of £1000 plus ongoing electric, running and maintenance costs.

To light the same pathway with GlowMark™ would cost in the region of £200. That is staggering £800 difference in the purchase price with no further costs involved.

As you can clearly see there are many measurable advantages you will make by using GlowMark™ products which will also immediately provide the end user a massive 400% Saving on product purchase costs alone, as opposed to purchasing and using much higher costing conventional lighting systems which are all consuming huge amounts of electric.                                                                     

We all know that electricity costs have risen by an average 14% this year within the UK and EU and they will continue to do so with the ongoing costs of rising inflation.


The Scientific Facts about GlowMark™

GlowMark™ Technical Evaluation Testing Report

The active component in the GlowMark™ Arrow and all other GlowMark™ products is the optical quality lens containing our unique Crystal Glow Compound, SGCMKII. These crystals have been specially treated with the result that they absorb light and then emit a soft glow for many hours afterwards. In practical testing, after only 8 minutes of exposure to daylight, a GlowMark™ marker will glow for 48 hours, i.e. more than enough to last throughout the night.

GlowMark™ Arrows are guaranteed to glow for 5 years, but in practice last much longer.

Scientific Testing

The GlowMark™ has been evaluated by the German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut f|r Normung e.V., or DIN) under their 67510 standard.

DIN 67510 Testing and Results. All measurements of the GlowMark™ were taken in total darkness. It is important to understand this distinction when trying to compare an absolute DIN measurement with the apparent luminance perceived in low ambient lighting. These differences in scientific luminance vs. practical luminance are explained below.

A GlowMark™ unit was given an 8 minute exposure to a xenon source. The luminance value was then measured in millicandela per square meter (mcd/m2) and recorded against a time axis measured in minutes.

The DIN 67510 results for GlowMark™ showed that according to the DIN 67510 standard a photo luminescence at or below: .03 mcd/m2 are virtually undetectable to the human eye. For all intents and purposes, a photo luminescent pigment has stopped glowing at that minimal level. Extrapolation of the data actually suggests that the GlowMark™ reaches 0.3 mcd/m2 at approximately 4000 minutes, or 66 hours.

Scientific Luminance:

Scientifically speaking, the GlowMark™ will glow for approximately 2 days and 9 hours (a total of 66 hours) after only an 8 minute exposure to natural daylight. If this photo luminescent "return on investment" is broken down into percentages, we see that the GlowMark™ has a laboratory efficiency of approximately 50,000%

Practical Luminance:

Testing in a multitude of real world lighting conditions from night time to a heavily shaded tree-lined walking trail at noon, has revealed a perceived glow time less than the DIN 67510 result but still excellent. The GlowMark™ has an actual perceived, and therefore useful, glow cycle of about 720 minutes (12 hours) after only an 8 minute exposure to natural daylight.  

That is a practical efficiency of around 9,000%.                              

In other words, the GlowMark™ Arrow lens has stored enough energy to emit an easily perceived bright glow that will last throughout the night, including late evening and early mornings, after only 8 minutes exposure to normal daylight or internal ambient light sources.


GlowMark™ innovative carbon neutral products have been designed and developed in Synergy with our companies own green and clean energy concept proposals which we know through calculated and measured statistics that we have researched and stored in our data base, use of our technology can make a huge difference to rising global environmental concerns. Therefore we know that the use of our products can have an enormous worldwide impact on reducing greenhouse gases which are causing global warming. We believe this methodology will further enable massive reductions of carbon emissions within all of the high end energy consumption sectors which annually create billions of tones of carbon emissions through increasing electricity being consumed by them all; and which as we all realise are raising continually at an increasingly alarming annual rate.

Many savvy businesses are now taking environmental and economically responsible measures to reduce energy consumption creating cost effective sustainability within their companies. And a big percentage of businesses are now aiming to improve their company’s image to be compliant with new corporate responsibility programmes and government initiatives because they are supportive of lowering their energy costs and becoming greener.

Be green, be clean use GlowMark™ Together we are “Changing the world one light at a time”



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