Green public relations is on the rise to address increased government intervention, public scrutiny and media attention regarding environmental concerns.


On a global scale, industry is adopting “green” business practices, not only to reduce costs, but also in support of reputation management and brand building. Companies in mining, energy, oil, gas and aviation or transport which have some of the biggest emissions of carbon dioxide in the economy, seem to be highly environmentally aware as they realise there is an environmental cost to the production of their goods and services.


They are looking towards Green PR to help them operate more sustainable in their communities.


Likewise communities are becoming more aware about the effects of  population growth and urbanisation and its impact on climate change. Increasingly, consumers when considering to buy a company’s products or services, they want to know that the company is acting responsibly towards the environment.


A sub-field of public relations, Green PR communicates an organisation’s corporate social responsibility or environmentally friendly practices to the public. The goal is to produce increased brand awareness and improve the organisation’s reputation.


Green PR is also about environmental sustainability. It focuses on consumer trends towards sustainable products and services, and social responsibility. It is used to differentiate an organisation from the rest of the green market.


The term Green PR is derived from the "green movement", an ideology which seeks to minimise the effect of human activity on the environment.


Today's energy and environmental concerns are creating unlimited opportunities to solve the greatest challenge of our lifetime: preventing the effects of climate change.  Many business start-ups are focused on developing clean energy technologies that help reduce the use of fossil fuels and carbon emissions and increase energy supplies and independence.

Companies around the world are embracing environmental responsibility as a core business strategy and undertaking sustainability initiatives that encourage greater stewardship of the planet.


According to Suza Adam, managing member of Johannesburg-based Green PR public relations agency, Spindle Communications, “Green PR is vital to the success of any business to capitalize on current marketing trends. If your company does not currently have an environmental or Green PR strategy you could be losing customers.”


It has tremendous value for companies engaged in green technologies such as green software that monitor or reduce energy usage and promote conservation; alternative energy (solar, wind, hydro), green consumer products and services; ecotourism, companies that are manufacturing using green processes, companies that manufacture green products, developers of green buildings, research and development outfits, educational programs and outreach, and green entrepreneurs.


Spindle Communications helps companies establish themselves as not only green, but also as socially responsible. It helps earth friendly companies build reputations and gain a competitive advantage. It mission is to campaign on issues that promote and eco and sustainable lifestyle.


Spindle Communications has worked extensively with companies in the cleantech industry to help communicate the importance of being “green” and to help startups raise capital. It is the organiser of Viridis Africa, the annual clean technology investment summit for African clean technology companies and venture capital and private equity investment funds (

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