Gays becoming more tactical
By Chidi Emmanuel

They look very responsible and are always eager to help. Many offer gifts at random with smiles on their faces. Beware of these ‘innocent’ looking faces that appear to be harmless many are gays roaring around on the streets looking for preys. At the bus stops, they offer lift enthusiastically even when you don’t need them. To them every nationality is good and nice. Nothing makes them angry, as they are hell bent on getting you on their cue. Whereas the police are working very hard in combating immoral activities and sexual assaults in Kuwait, many have resort to this unholy and grievous immoral behaviour (homosexuality).
In this case, it is very difficult to apprehend the culprits in the sense that one can hardly suspect people of the same sex in such an immoral act. The term homosexuality has acquired multiple meanings. In the original sense, it refers to a sexual orientation characterised by aesthetic attraction, romantic love, and sexual desire exclusively for members of the same sex. It can also refer to sexual relations with another of the same sex regardless of one’s sexual orientation, self-identification or gender identity.
Few days ago, while I was waiting for a cab at the bus stop, an Arab man just stopped beside me and asked me to come inside his car. I told him I was waiting for taxi and he offered to take me to my house claiming to be going in that direction. I asked him how much? But he smiled and said ‘mafi mushkila’ (no problem in Arabic language). Along the way, I noticed that he was becoming happier than me that he offered to help. He tried to talk to me but he couldn’t because he can’t speak English much so he started using his body language.
All of a sudden, I noticed his hand on my laps. Initially I thought he misplaced his hand so I shifted a little just to draw back his attention. He smiled again and asked me if I could follow him to his house. Why? I asked, but he couldn’t talk much. In a staccato of grammatical Molotov, he stammered ‘man-man do that--- thing?, you Iike-F----k?. I told him there is no problem as I tried to drag him to a nearby police station. I asked him to stop me at the back of the police station. As soon as I went inside the police station, the idiot drove off. This is one of the cases at hand in Kuwait these days.
Hassan Mammud (Jordanian) narrated how his neighbor abused his 9-year-old son. “He always bought gifts for him and being a man, I have nothing to suspect as they used to stay together most times”, he said. “It was when I noticed a stain on his underwear one day that everything was revealed to us and before we know it, the damage had been already done “, Hassan cried bitterly.
It’s very horrendous and shameful the way this virus is eating deep into the society. Lesbianism is also becoming common these days. If tower class animals can respect sex and control themselves, why not we humans (Higher class animals)? A dog, no matter how promiscuous, will never have an urge for another male dog. Homosexuality is not only an abominable sin; it even violates the law of nature (opposite sides attract while same sides repel).

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Comment by John Limmen on October 10, 2010 at 12:46pm
Who is this guy? From the stone age? Is he afraid to be treated as prey? The news is full about wrong doing by politicians, clerics, white collar people and criminals. Never about gay people looking for prey. Only many good articles about tv stars and other gay entertainers. In the hospitals the best male medical assistants are gay. Is the media controlled by gay people or is it wild fantasy of short sighted people. My slogan is, the more gay males, the more opportunities for hetero's like me.

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