dry fermentation of Jatropha seedcake (and other biomass)

we are running a farm in Mozambique and have a lot of biomass. In addition we have planted jatropha and will eventually have a lot of jatropha seedcake. Through a dry-fermentation unit we want to produce electricity and sell the rest as organic fertilizer. Has anybody done this already (even with conventional biomass or other seedcake) ? Or can give me a supplier to turn to ?
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Gregor - Green Power

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Comment by CLIVE RICHARDSON on June 16, 2009 at 1:48pm
Anaerobic Digestion is the key to general waste to energy and JCL-agricultural waste to energy. JCL new growth is not highly lignified so digests rapidly.

Seed oil represents no more than 7% of the over all biomass off-take of JCL p.a.

Feeding the marginal/degraded land areas planted with JCL, with City or town/village and farm sludge leads to a rapid increase in Biomass p.a. Correct pruning, the introduction of pollinators and systematic management of JCL cultivations will lead, over time, to improved fruiting, fruit setting and seed yield. (Increased biomass ~60Mt/ha possible).

Over the formative years the most direct route for the production of energy from JCL cultivations comes from the processing of biomass; this can be established rapidly.

Waste to Energy systems are required throughout Africa.
Biomass to energy systems are required throughout Africa.

The key to this is to have a firm off-take agreement/contract and reliable feedstock supply.

There are some "turnkey" supply opportunities for a variety operations.

Clive Richardson

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