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About the Procurement Gateway - Civic Society, NGO and SME's Buying Group

Some feedback:

We started this project 3 months ago, because we ourselves as a civic organisation faced various challenges reaching a wide net of potential suppliers for the Adopt-a-Pothole program … we just didn’t have enough information about you as a “supplier”; neither did we have any relevant information on other potential suppliers for the project.

We started by following the “traditional” procurement process, and quickly realised that it couldn’t just be us facing the normal challenges of setting-up a supply chain.

Being a civic organisation ourselves, we approached various civic society organisations and asked them if they had the same challenges as us in sourcing products and services for their projects and programs … as we had to build a supply chain from scratch.

We asked them, how are you buying currently? … and they shared their experiences with us.

We were told that if we could reduce the procurement turnaround process, reduce the buying cycle and its related cost … it was something they also needed and if we could maximise savings through bulk purchases and special deals they would support such an initiative, as it would leave them with more time and money to deliver on their social missions.

Basically they liked the idea of a one-stop shop where suppliers could be reached quickly and in a cost effective manner!

Having received the thumbs up, we proceeded to invite civic organisations to join us. Over 300 civic organisations signed up within two weeks of the first membership invite broadcast to civic society.

After that, we targeted the SME sector with a limited broadcast. Once again, we received the same feedback as we had when we discussed the buying group with civic organisations.

Since then, we have seen an exponential growth, both in the number of civic organisations and SME owners availing themselves of our free membership as buying partners, currently we have just over 600 buying members registered and the number is growing on a day-to-day basis.

For suppliers the benefit is that you now have access to a selected and pre-approved targeted market. It reduces your risk as a supplier, and it opens up new trading and selling opportunities.

We want to see fair trading taking place where genuine value exchange is the norm; where you as a supplier, buyers and us, benefit. That’s our vision for the Procurement Gateway … to bring buyers and sellers together, so that ultimately society can benefit.

We are now in the market looking for suppliers that are willing to supply to the civic society sector and to the SME sector. Although we are giving you access to the SME sector as a supplier, we are also giving you access to new markets.

We are offering you an amazing opportunity to increase your sales and your profit margins by giving you access to a market, that until now, you may not have targeted – for various reasons – the most common being the belief that civic society does “not have money” they are seen as the “begging brigade”. That’s where most people are wrong. Civic society has access to funds for their social or environmental projects … they need to buy goods and services if they are to meet their social mandates.

Civic organisations are buying everything under the sun: from toilet paper, cars, buses, food, furniture, white goods, children clothes, stationery, computers, ICT systems, cell phones, consulting services, training, you name it … they are buying it!

But the question remains, are you selling to this sector as well?

If you aren't ... shouldn't you be?

To find out more about this project, drop me an email ... and I'll let you know how you can participate.

Kind regards
Laurinda Seabra

00 27 (0) 82 096 6568

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