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ICT Update magazine, special rural energy issue

ICT Update magazine is producing a special issue on power supplies in rural areas of African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries.

We would like to hear from people involved in projects that help to bring ICTs to rural communities that do not otherwise have a stable electricity supply. We are especially interested in hearing from projects that serve farmers or are involved with agricultural development.

The lack of a reliable energy supply is a major factor limiting the… Continue

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Kenya looks to geothermal power to fuel development

For Maasai tribesman Charles Kamami, Kenya's drive to boost its geothermal capacity spells environmental destruction which threatens his pastoralist way of life.
But for east Africa's largest economy, geothermal energy could be a savior as it struggles to increase power generation to keep up with soaring demand driven by years of robust growth... read more

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What Future for Coal in South Africa?

By Jeremy Wakeford. South Africa has been in the news a lot recently because of its electricity supply problems throughout 2008. Most South African electricity comes from coal-fired power stations. Jeremy discusses the role of coal in South Africa's energy mix, long-term trends in production and consumption, and how underground coal gasification might help solve South Africa's energy problems... read more

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Ethiopia powers up with solar energy

Germany's Solar Energy Foundation aims to improve living conditions and foster a solar industry in Ethiopia. The rural village of Rema in Ethiopia could become a cleantech boom-town if the work of Germany's Solar Energy Foundation continues its success in the region. Since 2006, the foundation has installed 2,000 solar systems in Rema and in nearby Rema ena Dire, the biggest solar power project in East Africa... read… Continue

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Uganda: More households, hotels adopt renewable energy solutions

Uganda is among the least powered African nations with reliable electricity a wide spread problem. Current statistics from the Ministry of Energy show that 95% of Ugandans have no access to electricity from the national grid. Even when the World Bank recently approved a $360m loan to build a power station at the Bujagali Falls, the project can only help alleviate Uganda's power shortage problems from 2011... read more

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Unions, govt set to clash over nuke plans

The powerful National Union of Mineworkers is on a collision course with the government over the latter’s plans to invest R400billion into nuclear energy by 2025. A document marked “Strictly Confidential”, authored by the South Africa Power Project and Eskom, says that the government will invest R24billion in the research and development of pebble bed modular reactors (PBMRs)... read more

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Opening of Conectafrica's Codevelopment Social Network Canarias-Africa-WWW


I thought maybe you could be interested in my brand new Codevelopment Social Network, virtually & strategically located between Canary Islands, Africa & the www :

Visitar Conectafrica

Canary Islands are a natural, technological & cultural platform between 3 continents... So it's about… Continue

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Social Entrepreneurs Develop Cleaner Alternative to African Wood-Burning Stoves

On his first trip to Ghana in September 2006, Mark Henderson traveled through countryside that was lush, but obscured with haze. The haze was the first thing Henderson saw when his plane landed in Accra, the most populous city in this West African country on the Gulf of Guinea... read more

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Naomi Campbell Launches Tree Planting Campaign in Abuja

Naomi Campbell was in Abuja, Nigeria, on Friday where she attended and participated in the launch of The Abuja Green Society’s campaign to plant a tree for every baby born in the region’s hospital in hopes to ensure them a better future... read… Continue

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Brown backs "major investment" in solar energy

Gordon Brown yesterday hailed efforts to tap in the power of the North African sun to European power grids at the Mediterranean Summit in Paris... read more

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5,2 megawatt wind farm goes online in Cape Town

In a first for South Africa, Darling Wind Power, an independent power producer with BEE shareholding credentials, officially opened its wind farm in May. This national demonstration wind farm has four wind turbines that can supply 5,2 megawatts of electricity... read more

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Philips signs solar technology deal

Philips has signed an agreement with the Dutch government to form a partnership that will develop a new generation of sustainable solar-powered lighting solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa... read more

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South Africa takes its first steps into the fast-growing wind energy market

About 185 MW of South Africa’s electricity could be generated by wind in 2010. With power utility Eskom’s current installed capacity measuring 38 000 MW, this will be about 0,5% of capacity... read more

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African leaders asked to relax grip on energy sector

African governments must loosen their grip on power utility companies to forestall an acute shortage of energy that could slow down growth in budding economies, experts warned.
A regional energy conference that opened in Nairobi yesterday heard that Africa could fall into a deep crisis in three years if it does not... read more

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Outstanding Sustainable Energy Projects Win Global Green Awards

Tonight, the world’s leading green energy prize awarded £60,000 to three African sustainable energy pioneers in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda. The Ashden Awards were presented by Kenyan Nobel Prize laureate Wangari Maathai to the Gaia Association (Ethiopia), Kisingani Smith Group (Tanzania) and Fruits of the Nile (Uganda)... read more

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Solarix Eco Energy

Haarlem 19th June 2008 Since March this year we have up and running one of our biodiesel installations in Kenya!

We are very excited with the possibillity to conduct a full feasablity for the expansion of the pressing

plant and the production of biodiesel.…


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Africa not using enough renewable energy: experts

Solving Africa's power crisis will require greater energy efficiency and countries making better use of renewable resources, the World Economic Forum on Africa heard Thursday.
The continent, where 600 million people still don't have electricity, has to think of better ways to promote energy efficiency while reducing enormous losses of energy from people illegally plugging into the electricity grid... read more

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Mozambican joint firm to invest in biodiesel

Over the next six years, a Mozambican joint venture company is set to invest $150 million in the production of biodiesel from jatropha, its official said on Wednesday. Odeveza, owned by a group of Canadian and Mozambican firms, said the projects would create about 700 jobs and could make Mozambique one of Africa's biggest biofuels producers... read more

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Western Cape 80 MW wind farm to be community owned

The Western Cape appears to be accelerating ahead in the race to generate renewable energy and reduce carbon emissions, with plans for a second large R850-million wind farm in the windy St Helena Bay area... read more

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