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Enjoy Holiday in Royal Land of Rajasthan

The royal land of Rajasthan is like rainbow that paint the infinite sky with lively and enchanting colors. It is a dream holiday destination that rewards every traveler with its endless striking tourist attraction spots. Visit the place and discover the royalty and majesty of the land. It is the land of kings and queens. The lifestyle of Rajasthan still has the impact of the lavishness and grandeur. The place is dotted with numerous forts ad palaces. These forts and palaces were the abode of… Continue

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Know About Delhi Car Rental As Common Wealth Games Is Approaching

Common Wealth sporting extravaganza is approaching and car rental companies are getting prepared to escort and assist visiting guests. There are flurry of car rental companies in Delhi. All of them are offering good services at most competitive rates. They charge equally for similar nature of services. Most of the companies provide chauffer along with the car. As the Games are approaching, the numbers of car renting agents are increasing in leap and bound. Some agents are even jumping in the… Continue

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Uganda Shows Way on Scaling up Carbon Mitigation

Uganda’s launch of a Municipal Waste Compost Program has made it the first African nation to successfully register a Program of Activities (POA) that will reduce dangerous methane emissions into the environment. This is being done under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol.

The Uganda POA is the first of its kind in the world, and promotes solid waste composting in urban areas in an environmentally friendly manner. Composting of waste has multiple benefits over… Continue

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are you preparing to come and invest/establish a solar energy business in Ghana, Africa? Then Eco-solar adn cconstruction Ltd, an existing and established local operator with a brilliant solar energy business plan/ideas invite you for a cooperative business venture.

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seeking for solar pv lights,solar power sytems partner and agents....

Good Solar day!

Professional solar pv light,solar power systems,eco-solution and off-grid power systems...seeking for distributors all over the world..




www.greensolarlight.com (sales… Continue

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The We vs Them Dichotomy; the unanswered questions


The We vs Them Dichotomy; the unanswered questions

By Chidi Emmanuel

When the US-led coalition forces invaded Afghanistan and Iraq after 9/11, many said it fuelled terrorism. When Israel launched a war against Hezbollah (though it was disproportionate), no one bothered to ask why. The reason for waging the war- (Hezbollah-Katusha rockets raining on Northern Israel, unprovoked Hezbollah attacks and the kidnappings of two Israeli troops) fell on deaf… Continue

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Gays becoming more tactical

Gays becoming more tactical

By Chidi Emmanuel

They look very responsible and are always eager to help. Many offer gifts at random with smiles on their faces. Beware of these ‘innocent’ looking faces that appear to be harmless many are gays roaring around on the streets looking for preys. At the bus stops, they offer lift enthusiastically even when you don’t need them. To them every nationality is good and nice. Nothing makes them angry, as they are hell bent on getting you on… Continue

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Best DIY Homemade Wind Power

Solar Energyzoom offers best homemade wind power, cheaper and practical solar home energy system, homemade wind turbine, cost efficiency of indoor solar lights

Homemade Wind Power

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Bamako Declaration: Road Map for Africa’s Climate Change and Biodiversity Strategies

The 13th Session of the African Ministerial Conference on the Environment (AMCEN) came to a close on Monday with the adoption of the Bamako Declaration, the continent's new road map for sustainable development and basis for strengthening the common negotiating position on climate change and biological diversity.

AMCEN's in-coming President, Prof. Thiemoko Sangare, who is also the Minister of Environment and Sanitation of the Republic of Mali led over 40 African Environment ministers,… Continue

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