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Solarix launches Sustainer

The Sustainer is a unique solution to produce fuel and electricity in remote rural areas, for example in the African countryside where only 5 to 20 percent of the population have electricity. In many of these situations, access to energy would facilitate development, higher productivity and better education. Moreover, locally available resources can be used instead of expensive imports.

A conversation with… Continue

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Using media as WMD- media terrorism

Using media as WMD

By Chidi Emmanuel

KUWAIT: The role of the media in every society is to promote peace and to inform the public of events around the world. Media can contribute a lot to society. Journalists can change people’s opinions because they have access to people, which gives them a lot of strength. This strength can be used constructively by informing and educating people destructively by inciting and misleading them. The power of the media can… Continue

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Nigerian ambassador promotes '7 Point Agenda', lures investors

Nigerian ambassador promotes

'7 Point Agenda', lures investors

Published Date: May 12, 2009

By Chidi Emmanuel, Staff writer

KUWAIT: As part of the efforts to promote the Nigerian government's Seven Point Agenda, Ahmed Gusau Bala, the Nigerian Ambassador in Kuwait highlighted the key programs lined up to make Nigeria one of the greatest economies in 2020. At a press briefing held at the Nigerian embassy yesterday, the ambassador, addressed the… Continue

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One world, one issue

We can be divided by region, by color, by geography, by weather, by nation, by name we can be divided for many reason. Even United Nation is not united for many reasons. But we all are UNITED for our world, our living green world. You might have no time to think about me, to think about others but you must think about your self, about your family, about your children. For you, for your family, for your children you need this world. So keep the world clean, keep the world green.…


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-All you need is a 'western passport not a certificate’- By Chidi Emmanuel Ekeh

‘All you need is a western

passport not a certificate’

By Chidi Emmanuel

KUWAIT: Lots of companies and organizations in Kuwait prefer ‘westerners’ when it comes to employment irrespective of their credentials. All you need is just to get an American, British, Canadian or sometimes an Australian passport, this will automatically skyrockets you to an executive position in the Gulf region. The issue of academic status, career, ability and years of experiences don’t… Continue

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