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What is the name of your company or organisation?
Synergymc2 Network (GlowMark Safety products)
What is your position in your company or organisation?
What does your company of organisation do?
Synergymc2 (GlowMark™) is currently UK based and all of our products and all components are Made in England under a UK registered Patent and ™.

The Synergymc2 network runs an electronic system that is paper free and only uses a minimum amount of recycled materials for packaging all of our goods dispatched.
Therefore we are Eco Friendly and environmentally supportive in all aspects of our business and in our approach to reducing Cº2 emissions and are helping to combat global warming.

I am the owner/Director, my name is Andrew Trice and am currently working in Spain because I am in talks and negotiations with the Spanish and EU Governments with regard to expanding our manufacture process within the European Union because of huge savings in electricity consumption that can be achieved by installing GlowMark™ products; expansion and the opening factories will enable these organisations to save further costs on freight, shipping and transportation of our product lines that they are interested to purchase both here in Spain and within the other European Union communities.
Our system and process therefore make the opportunity More Green & Eco Friendly making it more attractive for Governments and for procurement organisations alike that will be requiring huge orders of GlowMark™ product lines.

Our current manufacture and ordering payments process does not require us to carry huge amounts of stock because all orders are made to the individual requirements of the purchaser.
Payments are taken online through our merchant PayPal account therefore as soon as payment is received we send out the order to the manufacturer who will manufacture your order and dispatch it so that you will receive you paid for goods within 28 days by sign for postal delivery; additionally we have a FedEx Merchant account in place should you require your delivery faster.
We have the current capability to manufacture in excess of 100,000 units of GlowMark™ products per week and logistics in place to double that amount when we are presented with larger orders.

As I am sure you can already see, GlowMark Arrow™ is our flagship product; with additional products called GlowStrip™ & StairMark™ that makes GlowMark Arrow™ work as part of a complete Safety Boundary Marker System that contains The New Wonder Technology the SGCMKII Glow Compound™.
N.B(Our two Brand New additional product lines will be put into manufacture within the next two months or so with funding from the profits we will receive from Sales of GlowMark Arrow™ or from a sufficient pending order for the GlowStrip™ & StairMark™ products to initiate the manufacture process.
Our approach to health & Safety is clearly demonstrated in how our products work in Synergy with all paths, corridors, walkways, staircases, bridges, tunnels and alike; providing an Eco Friendly & Zero Carbon emissions solution in the form of a Glowing Marker for making all public and industrial demographically populated areas, making them Safer for employees and the general public alike inside and outdoors.
Please view lights in Leicester report, Pathways and Public areas report & Tactical Imaging report on Fire Safety.

Please see my signature on the main part of this email and contact me on Skype, the reception is excellent and it is also free of charges.
Thank you & my Highest Regards.
Andrew Trice (Owner/Director)
In which African countries does your company or organisation operate?
South Africa, Ghana, Kenya and central Africa
What is your website?

News Report: Fire Safety Aspects of GlowMark Tactical Safety Marker System

Illustrating Fire Safety Requirements to Councils Utilities companies and other Government Organisations.
The files I have attached will give you an informative insight to the many uses and benefits from our unique product GlowMark Arrow™.
The 5 colours of the base rim (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green and White) comply with EU Health & Safety Directives and therefore also cover high level safety requirements that are needed in Prisons and Hospitals and all public areas in towns and cities where improved Safety Standards will benefit everyone.
Profits generated from the sales of GlowMark Arrow™ we will enable us to manufacture and release the GlowStrip™ and StairMark™ new products within the next few months.
As you will see from the photos on our website, we have recently enhanced the base rim of our product by providing an option of applying 3M Diamond Grade reflective tape matching the 5 colours of the base rim which reflects light emitted from a car, lorry, bicycle or tactical flashlight. (As used on all UK Road Traffic signs)

Our three GlowMark™ products work in Synergy with one another and the current GlowMark Arrow™ will form and complete a Glowing Safety Markers System installed as a kit that will mark and indicate exits and Fire Exits within all walkways, corridors, doors and stairways throughout all buildings, factories, prisons and hospitals and public areas where high levels of safety are paramount in accordance with EU Health & Safety Directives and Duty of Care.

I am sure you will agree that the (Tactical Imaging report) will illustrate and endorse the dual safety aspects of GlowMark™ from a fire-fighter or Police-mans interest when entering a hot, dark and smoke filled building, the report will clearly show the visual aid properties of GlowMark Arrow™
Our New Wonder Technology harvests its energy from natural and artificial light sources and after exposure to light for only 8 minutes it will Glow for up to 48hrs.
GlowMark™ is a revolutionary breakthrough in tactical safety marker system technology.
We are currently working on an Emergency Response Matrix system with Tactical Imaging that will enable first response services such as Police, fire & Ambulance crews to indicate and pinpoint their location in the building with one radio call; when this is passed and endorsed it will pave the way to provide a higher level of safety at all emergency situations for first response emergency teams Worldwide. (As we know these matters take time and this and many others are ongoing within my network). Please view Tactical Imaging report on GlowMark Arrow™.

The biggest spin off from The GlowMark SGCMKII Glow Compound™ is that it will save large organisations a lot of money because once it is installed correctly as a linear safety marker, less electric lighting will be needed and required, additionally greatly reducing Cº2 Emissions and enabling us all to remove our Carbon Footprint.

We also see massive potential with repurposing the concept and idea of the SGCMKII Glow Compound and have a lot of interest from many large global companies and organisations that are ongoing seeking out new market trends and opportunities with companies who are discussing incorporating GlowMark™ in their own product lines that are already being manufactured and sold. GlowMark™ would act as a night time visible pre warning safety enhancement in boots and shoes, clothing and safety equipment used my first response emergency services.
I will look forward to your reply and to answering any questions you may have about GlowMark™.
Thank you and My Highest Regards.
Andrew Trice (Director)

Dear Andrew,

We would like to bring this to your attention.

On Wednesday 28th January, 2009 a fire broke out in the Downtown branch of a leading supermarket chain known as Nakumatt.

The fire was apparently triggered by failure of the shop’s generator switch- over circuit, when a power black-out occurred a little after 2:00pm.

Approximately 40 people died and several more were seriously injured in the incident and it is believed that more lives would have been saved if the shoppers had been enabled to find their way safely to the exits.

When we came across your product, our first thoughts were that Glowmark Arrows would have led and directed a lot more of those people to safety without need for electrical light that should have been powered from the failed generator backup.

We are greatly encouraged by the report from Tactical Imaging LLC that we have since downloaded from your Website. The report clearly explains the benefits of GlowMark in a fire evacuation situation as well as many other applications and as a result of this we are now discussing and negotiating installing your product with some major companies and organisations in Kenya.

We are currently engaged in talks and are having meetings with the UN at their head offices in Nairobi to register GlowMark with them.
When the registration is granted we will be looking to take orders of Glowmark Arrows from these and other UN organisations that include UNEP, UNON, UNICEF and WPR.

We are also in talks and negotiations with leading stores and supermarket chains, cinemas, theatres, sports stadiums, places of worship, conference centres, hotels estate management companies, securities and insurance companies, many of whom control procurement for these organisations in all populated public areas.

We are hoping to secure some big orders for GlowMark and to supply these organisations in the near future.

Please view the published News articles and photos of this terrible tragedy we hope this will portray the safety aspects of Glowmark products very clearly too many worldwide organisations.

Thank you and our best regards.

Andrew Umbiru (Director)

Take Note Limited Kenya

Wednesday, January 28, 2009 
A fierce fire brought down a supermarket in Kenya’s City‐Nairobi. The over 4 hours long fire destroyed property worth millions of shillings in Nakumatt Downtown a prime branch of the leading Spermarket chains in Kenya. Thousands of Nairobians watched in disbelief as the City Council fire‐fighters ran out of water several times. The police later combined forces with G4s a security company in fighting the fire. The fire is believed to have been caused by an electric fault. Several other buildings near the supermarket also caught fire.

Nakumatt Fire
Wednesday 28th February 2009 is a day that will linger in my mind for a long time. I had planned my day’s activities with community members in Mathare, Nairobi. As we were about to start the second phase
of the day’s activities, I received a phone call from a Nairobi Branch volunteer.
“Mike, there has been a loud blast in the CBD, smoke is all over the streets,” he exclaimed. He went on to say he did not know the exact location of
the blast. I quickly assembled a disaster response team of about 24 volunteers and left Mathare community, hurrying to the Kenya Red Cross Headquarters in South C, wondering what the matter was.
The KRC land cruiser was literally flying along Mombasa road with sirens blaring, only to be caught up in the famous traffic jam. Fortunately, the response
team was recognised as the ambulance weaved through the traffic jam towards the city centre.
I followed closely in a private car after placing the Kenya Red Cross sticker on the car’s bonnet. I also switched on the head lights, using whatever means possible, I raced behind the land cruiser. By this time, we had learnt that the Nakumatt Downtown supermarket in the city centre was on fire.
The DRT advance team from Mathare arrived at the
Scene in less than 10 minutes and embarked on the
Operation. The number of KRC respondents was
124 people, including staff from the Headquarters.
There were volunteers from Laikipia, Machakos,
Limuru, Nairobi, Karen-Langata and Thika branches.
Daniel Mutinda, the overall team leader, was in command, having arrived at the scene minutes earlier. He reported the situation, which I relayed to the Headquarters. On reaching Nakumatt Supermarket, I assumed command of the recovery operations. There was confusion.
I divided the DRT team into four groups, covering all corners of the building. Usually,the DRT team works in four major groups of between five to six members. Fortunately, the DRT members are trained in First Aid, Disaster Management and Fire Safety. These skills came in handy during the tragedy.
As the fire brigade teams fought the fire, the DRT team provided support in First Aid and logistics. The public expected much from the Kenya Red Cross team - perhaps a miracle of some kind. I remember hearing a telephone conversation that raised my eyebrows.The caller said, “Fire brigade wako hapa, lakini sasa Red Cross wamefi ka”. (Fire Brigade is here, but Red Cross has arrived) – may be hopeful we could do something better to save the situation. The fire raged on, consuming the former busy supermarket from all corners.
After the fire was put out on the second day, the response teams started the hardest part of the operation - retrieval of bodies. Initial reports had indicated that the building was fully evacuated immediately after it caught fire. This was not the case, some people were trapped inside. Accompanied with a pathologist and forensic experts, the DRT team started digging through the rubbles searching for missing people. I led the team in retrieving five bodies from the site. Each time, I encouraged my team to face the task head on.
For seven days, we combed through the debris of the
building for more bodies. At times we found victims
It was a thorough exercise. Morning till evening we
Received great support from the psychosocial support
Teams who provided counselling and debriefing services to the team. It is sad that lives were lost. However, we were encouraged to have served humanity.
Unsung Heroes/Heroines
I was in Mathare slums with a group of Disaster Risk Reduction team carrying out fire safety activities. We received shocking news from our Disaster Risk Reduction Officer Mike Aiyabei, said
he had been informed by a volunteer from the Nairobi Kenya Red Cross Branch that there was fire at Nakumatt Downtown, a supermarket in the city centre.
We arrived at the scene of the fire at about 3pm. There was chaos all
over as the supermarket was consumed by flames with the public
watched in disbelief.Controlling the crowd was stressful
as everybody wanted to move as close as possible
and see for themselves.
Amazed, how a lady can manage
We were prepared psychologically to handle the job a head.
This would involve rummaging through the rubbles in
Search of bodies. I camped at the scene of the fire for
two days, consoling families that had lost their loved ones as we
waited for fire to be put out completely.
Unfortunately, this was not to be until the second day.
The Kenya Red Cross tracing team was on the ground. The
Situation was tense and the waiting was painful. The sight
of relatives of the victims waiting was almost unbearable.

Please view our website for further information, reports & testimonials.
Thank you.

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How GlowMark™ products create massive energy cost savings and reduce carbon emissions providing a staggering ROI, (Return on investment)

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GlowMark™ Uses: Pathways and Public Areas

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GlowMark™ uses a Unique “New Wonder Technology” which harvests and…


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