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GlowMark™ is a Visual Tactical Glow in the Dark Safety Marker System that harvests light energy from the sun and artificial light sources during the day internally and externally. After a short exposure to daylight or artificial light, the markers store the harvested light energy in our patented SGC MK II Glow Compound which is encased and encapsulated within a durable optical quality lens. GlowMark™ automatically actives when it is exposed to darkness providing a warm green distinctive glow during the night and in low level lighting conditions. This lighting method is 100% free from electrical power, solar cell storage requirements & batteries which are both costly and harmful to the environment. With less embodied energy in its manufacture and production process than using standard photovoltaic cells. The GlowMark™ Tactical Safety Marker System is 100% Eco Efficient because it is not dependent on electricity and is therefore inexpensive and has no running costs like conventional LED lighting systems and solar systems. GlowMark™ also does not require any maintenance. GlowMark™ will also potentially save governments and large companies vast sums of money on exorbitantly increasing high annual costs of electricity. The unique patented crystal technology at the core of GlowMark™ our patented SGCMKII Glow Compound showed that in both practical and laboratory testing, after only 8 minutes of exposure to light, a marker glowed for a total of 48 hours until it was practically no longer visible by the human eye which is more than enough hours to last throughout the night into the early morning in both external and internal locations. Therefore, any pathway or public walking area that is lineally marked and fitted with GlowMark™ products will provide and ensure the users can visibly see clearer markings indicating safer visible directions for people during these hours of darkness and which can be safely traversed by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike. Please also view our latest reports on Tactical Fire Safety Aspects of the GlowMark ™ product range. Our High-Tech safety markers provide an intelligent alternative to increasingly high cost electric and LED lighting systems, solar and battery powered cells which are not Environmentally Friendly and which are raising harmful carbon emission levels worldwide. GlowMark ™ Tactical Safety Marker System will revolutionize fire and emergency evacuation safety levels in all buildings, structures & demographically populated public areas, where increasing high security levels can greatly reduce the risks of accidents taking place because it is also a potential life saver. Please view the comprehensive reports and information throughout our web page

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How concerned are you about Global warming and carbon emissions? Many people rant on about global warming and all we see is a lot of talk & debating but with no definitive actions being taken to correct the process or errors we are all making. We are offering a true green, clean, sustainable and carbon reducing solution which bridges many gaps within modern day society to reduce the rising costs of utilities bills and charges which are going up in price at an alarming rate with inflation; and which we are all being exobitantly hammered for annually. If you are forward thinking and want to be a part of making some really significant changes to reduce your costs and carbon emissions, then take a look at our website and read about our innovative technology. We look forward to connecting with you all.
"Together we are changing the world one light at a time!"


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