The Meat Co: A must-visit dining destination

The Meat Co: A must-visit dining destination

By Chidi Emmanuel

KUWAIT: It is hard to resist the luscious aroma while entering the first floor (left side) of the 360 mall. Fresh, quality and healthy foods, blended with samples of creative and juicy cocktails, await you as you glance through the extensive menu at The Meat Co. The interior design of the restaurant is inviting as it welcomes tourists, families, couples, corporate groups and local residents alike. The exquisite restaurant has become a rage at this fancy, high-end restaurant, with customers willing to fork as much as KD30 for a single serving of what is considered by many to be among the highest quality of meat in the world.

“Our quality of meat makes us unique. We have a special brand of meat which you cannot find in any other restaurant across the globe. We offer an inimitable experience in terms of meals, drinks and extraordinary location. Serving the finest steaks with international appeal and very reach of Omega3, The Meat Co is a must-visit dining destination in the Middle East,” the restaurant’s general manager, Ahmed Asran, said during an interview with Kuwait Times newspaper. “All these elements reinforce the brand’s global footprint as an international steakhouse bringing together personal service, bespoke experience and, most of all, exceptional steak,” he added.

The Meat Co offers a variety of dishes and unique services. “We have personalized knives for our highly esteemed customers. So far, there are 480 knives inscribed and engraved with the names of our regular customers. Also, we have discount cards (platinum and gold cards). 3,400 of these cards have been issued,” Asran explained. “To add glamour to your dining experience, the Drummers (a musical band) take you to another world of entertainment with their wonderful African musical instruments, songs and dance moves. Just make your orders - we will meet your needs,” he added.

“Overall, their service is outstanding, friendly and quick. The steaks are awesome - they go wonderfully well with some amazing creamy sauce. Above all, I love the Drummers,” Sarah, a Kuwaiti customer, said.

Established in November 2009, The Meat Co Kuwait is situated within ‘The Gardens’ zone at the 360 Mall. It has a 220-seat capacity and a private dining room with projector and TV. The energetic open plan kitchen dominates the red and chocolate brown-accented space and creates a sense of theatre, complimented by amber lighting to immerse diners in the rich vivacity of The Meat Co’s African heritage. Its design and decor take inspiration from its surroundings.

Founded in 2000, The Meat Co now has shops in five locations throughout the Middle East - across Kuwait, Bahrain and the UAE. The restaurant was the vision of two of South Africa’s most successful restaurateurs, Costa Tomazos and Bradley Michael, who in their own words, wanted to “provide a unique and exceptionally enjoyable steakhouse dining experience that catered for meat lovers in a sophisticated yet relaxed environment”.


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