In a time when everyone is looking at Bigger and better, I believe we need to look at need and solution. In Africa there are not the same power requirements that you would see in the west. Therefore, there is not such a demanding need for the large MEGA Watt Wind Farms. I'm not saying don't take a look, analyze and consider on a small scale, but I am saying let's look at the shoe (the need).

Here at JetPro we do a cascading system based upon our 200W wind Turbine. That means we can provide solutions for 200W, 400W, 600W and so on up to 2800W (and beyond if there is a requirement). In my recent studies I have seen that Africa is FAR below the average daily power consumption. That means that a 800W or 1KW system could provide suitable power for many households. This being achieved without the Ecological changes that would be needed to build a large Wind Farm.

If the Shoe fits is simply saying that in many cases that I have reviewed the project is ambitious beyond the need of those it is designed to help. Africa is Natural Beauty, let's keep that a priority when we are looking at Green Power.

Thank you for reading

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Comment by LCDR Charles J. Byers on November 19, 2010 at 2:23pm
Landis, I agree. Small scale production is much better. Getting the funding from local governments in Nigeria and Liberia was been difficult for me and I've been working with private business owners in the U.S. instead for our Village of Hope project. We just located a donor last week for the first prototype in Nigeria. r/ Joe

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