High quality solar lantern,portable solar lamps


We,brighter light Int'l Ltd,manufacture and provides high quality LED solar lantner,portable solar light etc.Our solar lights are with supre quality and available at very competitive prices.they are good option in those areas where the grid electricity is too expensive and unaccessible.it can be used as read light for children to study and also as living room light for doing houseworks.it is portable,can be used as walking light and outdoor light.With the radio function,you can work while listening music or news.

The advantage of solar lamps:

Cost-effective & Eco-friendly:No need to pay for electricity or any other energy for lighting,make use of the free and renewable sunlight.

Convenience: Build-in solar panel & portable handle,convenient during transportation and utilization

Durability:High quality LEDs light source which with imported Epistar chips has a longer durability of more than 50000hrs and has brighter light.

Maintenance-free:The rechargeable lead-acid batteries which powers the lamp is charged by sun during daytime through the solar panel.No maintenance work is required


The benefits to use solar lamps:

Cost savings
With Brighter Light solar lamps, there is no need to use grid electricity and kerosene lamps in households. The cost savings can be significant.
Brighter Light solar lamps can be used as reading light for children to study and living light for doing the housework. The solar lamps are portable, very convenient in usage, can be used as walking light and outdoor lighting as well.For a typical farmer or shopkeeper, Brighter Light solar lamps will pay for themselves in as little as several months.but the durability of the solar lamps will be several years.

Better study environment for Children
The poor light quality and noxious fumes of kerosene lanterns affect children's study efficiency and concentration. Brighter Light solar lamps are bright enough to facilitate longer and more effective studying hours, Children are now able to study four hours or more per evening with a Brighter Light solar lamp, which directly lead to success in study.

Healthy and safty
Kerosene lamps are a key contributor to indoor air pollution, which claim the lives of 1.5 million people each year, over half of which are under the age of five (Millenium Development Goals Report). Kerosene lamps have also caused countless deaths by suffocation, burns and fatal fires.
Brighter Light solar lamps are extremely safe and use super-bright imported Epistar LEDs that do not emit any pollutants and has an extremely long lifespan.

If you have any interests,please contact : Jamieq_86@hotmail.com

Have a great day!


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