Frankenstein you create will ‘haunt you sooner or later’

Frankenstein you create will ‘haunt you sooner or later’

By Chidi Emmanuel
From Vietnam to Afghanistan, as years go by, the West still doesn’t get it: ‘The Frankenstein you created will come back to haunt you sooner or later.’ The Mujahedeen and Taleban were armed in Afghanistan to fight off the Soviet forces in earlier wars, but have since turned those arms and expertise against those who armed them (US). In Vietnam it was a similar story.
UN Resolution 1973 only authorized the UN member states to take all necessary measures to “protect civilians” under threat of attack in the country, including Benghazi. This same resolution, supposedly passed to implement a no-fly zone, excluded the introduction of a foreign occupation force of any kind in any part of Libyan territory - requesting all signatories to immediately inform the UN Secretary General of any such measures.
The resolution did not call for regime change, neither did it call for attacks against the Libyan people, whether pro or anti Gaddafi. To date, however, Western forces have been bombing the Libyan people they are supposedly intending to protect. Tripoli, Benghazi, Misrata have come under heavy attack. Even the Western-backed rebels were not spared. They have been occasionally harmed and killed in ‘friendly fire’ incidents. As if all this were not enough, France, Britain and Italy are now sending what they call ‘military personnel’ to assist the rebels with the blessing of the White House. Call it what you like; there are now western boots on the Libyan soil with alleged CIA operatives all over the country.
Meanwhile, as NATO members rally their forces for the Libya operation, Russia, China, India, Germany etc have kept up the pressure on the alliance to adhere to the UN Resolution’s mandate. Old concerns about the lessons of the past (Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq) have all been ignored. At a Berlin meeting of NATO foreign ministers, Russia reiterated its stance that the Western campaign against Libya has overstepped its UN mandate through use of excessive force. Russia, which refuses to use its veto power, abstained from UN’s vote that authorized the no-fly zone in Libya.
To crown it all, US drones have now entered the fray. The US confirmed yesterday that it had carried out the first drone strike in troubled Libya. President Obama, who won the hearts and mind of the Muslim world by slamming his predecessor President G W Bush’s wars, is now getting ensnared in Libya. No matter how you paint it, history will attest that US - under Obama - is fighting in Libya. President Obama has approved the use of unmanned drones (which already have a reputation for massacring people in Pakistan) in Libya - the latest in this conspiracy theory of Gaddafi-phobic. ‘What goes around will surely come around’.

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Comment by chidi emmanuel ekeh on June 3, 2011 at 6:25pm
Frankenstein you create will ‘haunt you sooner or later’

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