Our company is called Alternative Biomass Solutions and is a partnership between biofuel and mariculture/aquaculture specialists. We have a great deal of experience in growing macro algae for aquaculture purposes and have converted that knowledge into producing biomass for ethanol as well as biogas. Our yields per hectare are substantially larger than any other biomass we have encountered.

We are currently based on the West Coast of South Africa but are looking for potential projects in other parts of the world. Potential projects would need to be near the coast and we would require access to pump sea water. Access to CO2 would be an added advantage.

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Comment by Wankunda Siwakwi on December 1, 2009 at 9:40am
Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your prompt response. Yes indeed, Zambia has been developing a biofuels strategy over the last couple of years and any information relating to equipment is certainly worth exploring. Please send me any information that may be relevant. My email address is kundasiwakwi@yahoo.com in the event that you need to send sizeable attachments.


Comment by Bruce Thorndike on November 30, 2009 at 8:20pm
Hi Wakunda

The macro algae we use is a type of seaweed and needs seawater to grow and thus I'm not sure it would be a feasable project in Zambia.

I am however also involved with a company that supplies biodiesel production equipment. The technology was developed in conjunction with Stellenbosch University and costs a fraction of the price of plants inported from Europe. It is able to produce both European and American spec biodiesel.

As I know Zambia's climate is very condusive to growing biodiesel feedstock it may be an interesting option for your country. Please let me know if there is any interest and I will send you more information.

Comment by Wankunda Siwakwi on November 30, 2009 at 4:45pm
Hi Bruce,

This is interesting. We at Rural Electrification Authority in Zambia are engaging in some projects regarding Biomass and we are using industrial waste (Saw Dust and off cuts from large saw milling locations.

Now regarding the resource of algae which you are using, what is required in terms of developing synergies with your institution regarding developing projects?

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