Bikwe Energy with Headquarters in Gaborone Botswana and offices throughout Africa is proud to announce their entry to the South African market. Bikwe is focused on renewable energy generated from the more stable and consistent wind at altitude. Bikwe Energy is a shareholder and the sole African operator of NASA Ames Research Laboratory based Magenn Power. Magenn has worldwide-patented high altitude wind power generators.

Clean Energy and Technology
The Magenn Air Rotor System (“MARS”) comprises a high altitude, lighter than air, tethered airship that produces base load power at altitudes of up to 300m or higher. The power is transmitted via a tether to a ground station for transmission to a grid or for distributed use. MARS is a closed three-dimensional envelope offering high torque, low
starting speeds, and superior overall efficiency thanks to its ability to deploy at higher altitudes. The efficiency is 50% better than traditional wind, solar or diesel systems. MARS units are mobile and can be customized to meet most power demands. The units are environmentally friendly and non invasive.

The various applications of MARS deployment include :
1. Agriculture 2. Precision farming
3. Telecoms 4. Disaster relief
5. Mining and exploration 6. Off-grid power generation
7. Portable power 8. On-grid power generation
9. Base load power

Bikwe endeavours to deploy the MARS units for base load power to meet the demands of users in both urban and rural environments. Remote applications are easily provided for, as is the case with most applications in Africa. Deployment in Africa will be done through partnerships with private and public utilities. In South Africa, Eskom has shown interest
to act as both a demonstrator and technical partner. Further African deployments envisaged for 2011 in Africa and surrounds are Tanzania and the Seychelles. The Independent Power Producer opportunity as well as selling power and telecoms will bring in revenue. We strive for disaster relief and the upliftment of Africa and its people. Food security is a critical success factor for Africa and through deployment of MARS for agriculture and rural development we can take advantage of the wealth of arable land Africa has to offer.

Commercial Finance and Investment
Bikwe Energy has seed funded the MARS development and are now focused on raising initial equity capital of R10m during 2010 for developing commercial prototypes and welcome interested investment parties to participate. A further equity raising in the amount of R20m during the first quarter of 2011 will facilitate the deployment of the commercial MARS units in Africa in 2011/2012.

The investment into this exciting and revolutionary technological breakthrough means returns on investments are able to satisfy markets never thought possible resulting in high net returns. Investment partners would include venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and ongoing scalability would come from relationships already in progress with the International Finance Council, Development Bank of Southern Africa, the Landbank as well as forward thinking private and commercial entities. Listings on local and international stock exchanges are likely for investors to equitize their investments and have a cash incentive exit.

According to Bikwe Chairman, Dr. Brian Hambleton-Jones, we are proud of our investment into Magenn Power and being the world leader in High Altitude Wind Power Anywhere™ in Africa. Our business model is robust and our advantage of being the first mover in this renewable energy space drives our success.

CEO, Marc Lindsay sees unlimited potential for development in Africa and through sustainable partnerships bringing electricity to the people so that we may power up our world.

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