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The results of the African Country Infrastructure Diagnostic (ACID) study was released by the World Bank today. It provides detailed data and analysis of the ICT, Power, Transport, Air Transport, Ports, Railways, Roads, Irrigation, Water Resources, Water Supply and Sanitation infrastructure sectors in 30 African countries. This research serves as a baseline for future infrastructure development in Africa.

But for the investor or business person, it helps you assess where to strategically place your business in Africa. One key element of any business model is the distribution channels for products/goods. The ACID study gives you plenty of details to narrow possible locations for operations when considering infrastructure. You can decide which country within a regional economic community, e.g., ECOWAS, to position your operations to streamline the delivery and improve efficiency across the region. You can pull information by sector, country and regional economic community.

There is an exorbitant amount of free research from this study available at Since it was just launched, there are some hiccups with the website. Be patient. The research is worth the wait.

Since infrastructure issues are a major consideration when looking at where to invest or do business in Africa, Afribiz is dedicating the next few months to help you shape a strategic decision framework around infrastructure. We are calling this series, "Developing a Successful Business Model for Africa around the Infrastructure Issue."

Look for new strategic tools and information every week, starting November 16, 2009, at Also, look for radio segments on infrastructure on AfribizTalk at, starting November 23, 2009. You can follow our updates in real-time at

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Comment by Piers L'Estrange on November 20, 2009 at 10:46pm
Thanks for posting this.

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