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In the following posts you will get to read more of my ideas and what I think about issues, especially issues that relate to Sustainability in Africa with emphasis on Nigeria. I am most interested in Nigeria first and foremost because i am Nigerian, then I think Nigeria has a big role to play in terms of championing the Sustainability course in Africa.

I do not think one would talk about Africa (in terms of the economic, social, political and environmental) without a mention of how these play out in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. Lagos has rightly been refered to as the economic hub of West Africa, and one of the major places where "everything" happens in Africa. With a population of more than fiften million, it is said that "you just have to produce something and lagos will give you buyers". Thus, Lagos is froth with all sorts of goods to buy and a ready huge population willing to pay. Lagos is a city of Consumption; a city that welcomes an average of six thousand people daily; where people in a quest to show success ("that they have arrived") flaunt and display goods, services and personal belongings. The foregoing contentions about Lagos are not my personal opinions neither are the figures used above figments of my imagination. On the contrary, they are based on literature and studies (published and unpublished). I refer you to a thesis of mine "Mobility and Transport: Individual and Societal Conceptualizations on Private Car Purchse and Use". This thesis is a case study on car consumption and is available on the internet for free! There, you will find references for the citations above. To get a copy of this text simply google my name and choose it from my free works on the internet.

Lagos is a city of consumption. A city where very many a people use goods, services and commodities without thinking about the implications their patterns of consumption will have on human health and the environment as a whole. In the same city people rush on and off moving buses! It is a city akin to a masquerade of a multitude of faces. Lagos is a mega city of very many Unsustainable life patterns.

It is these faces of Unsustainability that my blogs will attempt to peer at and then look at up close!

Feel free to leave me comments on any of my posts and dont hesitate to ask for contact details and ideas if you need

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