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German pavilion to market renewable energy know-how & products at Africa Energy Indaba 2012

The German Ministry of Economics and Technology will provide a German pavilion to specifically promote the participation of German companies in the Africa Energy Indaba 2012.

The German pavilion will include a large official information stand which is usually staffed by consultants contracted by the German government as well as stands of participating German companies from which German renewable energy know-how and products will be marketed.

However, the German pavilion will…


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Regional Programme to Enhance Pastoralism Endorsed

At the end of a two-day regional workshop on livestock development and drought preparedness held in Djibouti, technical experts and development partners have endorsed a programme that would enhance livelihoods of pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in the Horn of Africa.

The IGAD Member States also agreed on a timeframe to finalize the study document and the programme’s implementation modalities

In their recommendations, the participants also called on…


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Support to Gabes-Ras Jdir Highway and Tunisian SMEs

The African Development Bank (AfDB) and the Tunisian government, on 19 September 2011, signed two loan agreements totaling 340 million dinars. Both loans will finances projects/programs in conformity with Tunisia’s new focus on inclusive growth.

The first €137,340  (268 million TND), will finance the construction of the Medenine-Jdir Highway. The project will help to create about 2,000 direct jobs during the construction phase. In the medium-term, the project should…


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Cement: Dangote, Cameroon Kick-off $700m Deal

The Republic of Cameroon and Dangote Group Monday signed a $115 million Invest-ment Agreement for the construction of a composite cement production plant, which will result in the production of 1.5 million metric tonnes of cement in Douala, Cameroon annually.

The $115 million agreement, which the company described as the first tranche of a $700 million long term investment projection in Cameroon’s various real sector arms, was signed by President of Dangote Group, Alhaji Aliko…


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Electricity generation from Renewable Energy

Will Africa have the power it needs in the future? Will Africa have the technology it needs to supply adequate power? Will reliable electricity become an unaffordable luxury for low-income Africans?

In the last few years, utility bills have risen many times in most African countries. The rising cost of fuel combined with the rising cost of building new generation mean that electric rates will continue increase in Africa.

In the present world trend of increasing importance…


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Cost of Household Cooking Fuels

Energy and fuel use are important for the welfare of households in Africa. Modern fuels play a relatively modest role in rural areas of much low income countries. The prospect for modern fuels to combat indoor air pollution is therefore significantly better in urban than in rural areas. We should note also that fuel and electricity pricing is politically sensitive and important for poverty.

In the poorest countries, biomass and kerosene often feature heavily. In Ghana, kerosene…


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Energy is central to reducing poverty

It is an undeniable fact that the relationship between energy and poverty is one that is often ignored until fuel shortages, blackouts and price increases remind us of the link. This is particularly a common phenomenon in most African countries.

I do not know what view you may hold on this but energy is central to reducing poverty. Whether poverty is seen as material deficiency measured in terms of income or consumption, or quality of life, measured in terms of exposure to…


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Africa’s need for Entrepreneurship

The problems facing developing countries, in Africa and elsewhere, are overwhelming in their magnitude and complexity. From HIV/AIDS to widespread corruption and poverty, obstacles to economic development are occupying some of the world’s brightest minds.

Let me once again try to tackle Africa’s most trenchant problems in a vastly different way but with the goal to create a new development paradigm for the continent.

Few development experts would deny that, at some point,…


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Initiatives on Healthcare in Africa

During the late sixties, two major events occurred: the Declaration of Health for All (HFA) by the WHO Health Assembly in 1977 and the adoption in Alma-Ata in 1978 of the primary health care approach as the strategy by which the ultimate objective of HFA would be attained.

Health For All became a popular slogan for many years to follow and it was recognized that stronger health systems must be based on Primary Health Care principles, which today is still regarded as the best approach…


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Solid Waste Management in Africa

As urbanization continues to take place, the management of solid waste is becoming a major public health and environmental concern in urban areas of many African countries. The concern is serious, particularly in the capital cities, which are often gateways to the countries for foreign diplomats, businessmen, and tourists. Poor visual appearance of these cities will have negative impacts on official and tourist visits and foreign investment.

Recognizing its importance, a number of…


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Africa and the global future

Exploring the future of the world is a tempting challenge. Will the 21st century really be the African century? Who will be the world powers in 2050? How will global environmental change evolve?

Will there be a clash of civilizations? The many books and reports written to discuss the possible answers to these and similar questions generally ignore Africa. Where they do include Africa, the discussion is often based on broad assumptions or stereotypes.

However, Africa does…


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Domestic water in rural Africa

Water is precious. Although water covers three quarters of the earth, only a small fraction is accessible to human beings as fresh water. Water is critical to nourishing and fostering life. Water is vital to our existence and to our social and economic development.

Water plays an essential role in helping to eradicate poverty, especially in the Least Developed Countries. To build a world without hunger, we must and we can harness water to feed the world by developing policies and…


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