Valero Energy Drops $3.5 Billion On Biodiesel From Jatropha

Valero Energy, the largest American refiner, is placing more bets on renewable fuel, agreeing to a five-year deal with the Australian biofuel refiner Mission NewEnergyto obtain biodiesel made from jatropha.

From The New York Times Green Inc. blog: Mission will supply Valero with up to 60 million gallons of biodiesel per year, starting next year. Under the terms of the agreement, Valero can double that amount and extend the contract by an additional five years.

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Millions of CDM credits could be generated after the approval of a biodiesel/biofuel/bioenergy methodology.

This is about the most progressive CDM move for the past several years and for such a simple ideology it has taken many hours of debate, cajoling, table bashing and even flared tempers to get approval. The methodology implies land assessment partnerships with the CDM consultants within national offices, National and Regional land offices (Departments responsible for primary land assessment and recommendations for land us), local community partnerships and above all a clear value chain for… Continue

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BTL-Bio Jet Fuel + CHP+++, Special Economic Developement Zone Development in the Sub Tropical Regions

BTL-Bio Jet Fuel + CHP+++, Special Economic Developement Zone Development in the Sub Tropical Regions.

Johann Gutenburg's contribution to the world is frequently touted as his invention of the printing press. The truth is that Gutemburg did not invent a single element of the press, he invented nothing. His brilliance, product design from a synergy of inventions.

Earlier this year, before the ink could dry on a low media profile set of papers, certification of a Bio Jet… Continue

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Bio Jet Fuel Agreement Announced

Groundbreaking Bio Jet Fuel Agreement Announced

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SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) -- BioJet Corporation (formerly JatrophaBioJet) ( ) and E85 LLC jointly announced today that they have executed a Bio-SPK forward contract for the sale by BioJet and the purchase by E85 of 4 million barrels of aviation bio jet fuel. "Bio-SPK" is now the proper aviation industry term for bio jet fuel and the… Continue

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Biofuels and ecoagriculture: can bioenergy production enhance landscape-scale ecosystem conservation and rural livelihoods?

Global development of the biofuel sector is proceeding rapidly, driven by national policy mandates, government subsidies, and profit opportunities for farmers, agribusiness and energy companies. To date, most investment in - and dialogue on - biofuels has focused on large-scale production of liquid transport fuels. A smaller set of efforts has explored the potential of biofuels to promote rural development by reducing energy poverty among the world's two billion poorest people. Here, we… Continue

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RA and JRF (Jatropha Research) at Anand Agricultural University,Gujarat | PhD & M.Sc Life Sciences Apply

The following positions for the project entitled “Multilocation Trial of Jatropha curcas in different agroclimatic zones and study of Agronomic practices” Anand Agricultural University, Anand. The project duration is from 2009 to 2012.

Position: Research Associate

Qualification: Ph.D. in Plant Breeding & Genetics/ Genetics / Agronomy / Botany / Agri. or Plant Biotechnology/ Horticulture

Desirable:… Continue

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Biomass Conversions to Liquid Fuels via BTL Processes

Biomass to Liquids (BTL) processes are being designed based on the thermo-chemical platform for converting biomass to biofuels. In an indirect liquefaction process, synthesis gas (syn-gas, CO+H2) is first produced via gasification of solid biomass or liquid bio-oil produced by the fast pyrolysis of biomass. Syn-gas can be converted to synthetic gasoline, jet-fuel or diesel using Fischer-Tropsch synthesis of hydrocarbons or synthetic alcohols, such as ethanol, through different catalytic… Continue

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Bio Jet Fuel KBC-JCL model


Currently we are reviewing the Complete Design, Build, Operate costs for a TBOS croping and Intercrop specific Biomass to Liquid, CHP and assoreted chemicals Biorefinery Technology. There is a good chance that the Capital cost will be somewhat lower than the $3.00 USD Billion Dollars suggested below.

While one can appreciate all of the global efforts to… Continue

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