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Pros and cons of couples working together -- By Chidi Emmanuel





Pros and cons of couples working together


Living together and

working together?



By Chidi Emmanuel

With a surge in cases of divorce in Kuwait against the backdrop of growing financial hardships, Kuwait Times weighed the pros and cons of working with your spouse. In order to have a better understanding, spouses were asked if they would like to work together - either in the same…


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Expatriates shun general public hospitals as hike bites – Kuwait Situations

Expatriates shun general public hospitals as hike bites – Kuwait Situations


By Chidi Emmanuel


KUWAIT: At Sabah Healthcare facility, it is no more time business enterprise as standard. The wards appear to be empty with several sufferers all over. At the male ward, Kuwait Situations spoke to just one of the sufferers (or fairly the only patient) in a room that generally accommodates at minimum eight, as he packed his items to go away the medical…


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Being stateless in a state

Being stateless in a state



By Chidi Emmanuel


Sitting quietly in a shanty house in Sulaibiya, 62-year-old Mohammed couldn’t contain his tears as he narrated his life and family ordeals as a bedoon (stateless resident). “You can see where and how we are living,” he said as he opened a small cubicle where he has been living with his family for over 12 years. In a narrow alleyway near his house, Mohammed’s children (aged 5 to 12) could be seen…


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Domestic violence...Men the victims this time

Men getting battered too

By Chidi Emmanuel


It is 9.48 pm and Kadri A is still sitting in his Mishref office with hands on his cheeks. “We close by 8.30 pm, but I am still here, trying to avoid trouble at home,” he said in dismay. Initially, Kadri didn’t want to narrate his ordeal, but after much pressure and persuasion, he opened up.

“I know you will not believe me if I tell you this. My wife is my problem. We have been married for four years now. The first year…


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Consanguineous marriage - pros and cons

Consanguineous marriage - pros and cons

Traditionally in the Middle East, people prefer to marry those with whom they share tribal, clan or lineage affiliations. Cousin marriage is common in Kuwait and the region – encouraged by familial, social and economic ties. It is considered to increase family cohesion, minimize marital burdens (in particular, the financial burden on the husband), assure…


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Solar Kits for the Low-income people


Should you have any interests,please…

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Seeking solar experts to assist with solar energy technician school in West Africa.

Greetings, My name is John Washington, Director of a non-profit program called African Renaissance House is based in Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A. We are a coalition of civic, social and business leaders who are committed to investing in West Africa nations through commerce, international cultural exchange and increased opportunities for Africans in diaspora and West Africans.  I'm a seeking consultation from…


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Big cleantech investors for clean tech projects in Africa presented at Viridis Africa

On the 15th and 16th of October 2013, Viridis Africa hosts their third Clean Technology conference at Killarney Country Club, Johannesburg, South Africa.  The event is dedicated to the introduction of clean technologies as well as associated business/investment opportunities.

The intention of Viridis Africa is to bring together investors such as Inspired Evolution, Sterling Waterford Securities, Lerako Metier, the IDC, Curatio Capital, Vantage Capital and the…


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Small Low-cost Solar Lantern to replace kerosene lamp

Our company newly launched a small solar lantern which is available at very competitive price.…


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The Meat Co: A must-visit dining destination

The Meat Co: A must-visit dining destination

By Chidi Emmanuel

KUWAIT: It is hard to resist the luscious aroma while entering the first floor (left side) of the 360 mall. Fresh, quality and healthy foods, blended with samples of creative and juicy cocktails, await you as you glance through the extensive menu at The Meat Co. The interior design of the restaurant is inviting as it welcomes tourists, families, couples, corporate groups and local residents alike. The exquisite…


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Viridis Africa showcasing cleantech technologies appropriate for Africa

Viridis Africa 2013, 15 & 16 October, Killarney Country Club, Johannesburg

This October 15 & 16 will mark the third year Viridis Africa is to be held. It will be bigger, better, more defined and refined in achieving its stated goal of bringing together both investors and entrepreneurs from Africa to…


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Green Skies Ahead: The aviation biofuel arms race

Hello People

In the light of the recent events with the Boeing 787, I wrote an article about the search for a greener aviation fuel.

Global airtravel will hit a whooping 1.2 billion people by 2032 and just having fuel efficient planes might not be enough to rising carbon emissions. Several feedstocks are been explored and the next couple of years should be an exciting one for investors and airlines alike.…


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Viridis Africa 2013, where entrepreneurs and innovators meet with green investors

Following on the success of the launch of Viridis Africa 2012, where more than 20 major investment opportunities were presented to prospective investors, Viridis Africa is now soliciting business plans in the clean tech industry from entrepreneurs seeking funding to turn their projects to account.

Viridis Africa as its name suggests in Latin, is about investment into "green" sustainable technologies and projects, presented by entrepreneurs and corporates who are seeking funding to…


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Solar wind biomass biofuel hydro recycling water treatment projects sought for Viridis Africa

On the 15th & 16th October 2013 the third Clean Technology business and investment matchmaking conference for the African continent is to be held at the Killarney Country Club, Lower Houghton, Johannesburg South Africa. Called Viridis Africa, ( the event is dedicated to entrepreneurs and corporates who are seeking funding to introduce clean technology solutions and services.


Principals who would present…


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Reactions mixed in Kuwait as US votes

Reactions mixed in Kuwait as US votes


By Chidi Emmanuel, Staff Writer


KUWAIT: From North to the South Pole, all eyes were glued to the television sets yesterday as Americans voted in a nail-biting presidential election marked by the spartanly different visions of the Democratic incumbent Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. For most American voters, this electioneering campaign was all about the economy and jobs, but for…


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Vintage Wonders by Chidi Emmanuel

Vintage Wonders


By Chidi Emmanuel

With vintage four-wheeled beauties ranging from 1904 to 2012, the Kuwait Historical, Vintage and Classic Car Museum is where history meets modernity. Home to a collection of more than 40 historic and classic car models, it is Kuwait’s first museum specializing in vintage cars. According to the Head of Committees of Historical Vintage & Classic Cars Museum Mustafa Ali Makhseed, the museum is aimed at restoring Kuwait to the…


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Investing in Clean Technologies for Africa

Africa as yet is not considered as a high priority geography for the introduction of so called clean technologies,  with some exceptions.


Recent studies put  Africa with investor attention relating to the above at the last place (15%), yet the need for such technologies to drive the betterment of socio –economic condition of the continent is clearly present.


Generation of renewable energy can prove both commercially and socio-economically promising for many of…


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Green public relations for cleantech companies in Africa

Spindle Communications provides marketing and communications advice and solutions for associations, companies, local authorities and brands at the forefront of the cleantech and low carbon economies.

The Spindle Communications team offers over 20 years experience and expertise gained…


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SEFA Approves First Grant for Conceptualization of Green Tech Financial Facility

The Sustainable Energy Fund for Africa (SEFA), a joint initiative of the Danish government and the Energy, Environment and Climate Change Department (ONEC) of the African Development Bank (AfDB), approved on August 17 its first grant of USD 825,000 to finance the concept phase of the Green Tech Financial Facility – a vehicle for investments in private-sector driven green…


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Morocco Taps $6.2 Billion Precautionary Loan from IMF

-     North African country implementing political and economic reforms

-     Credit line underpins Morocco’s strong economic fundamentals and solid policy track record

-     Morocco says liquidity line is insurance policy if international conditions worsen

The Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has approved a $6.2 billion liquidity line for…


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